Foster Care

Foster families are a valuable part of the Baldwin County Humane Society (BARC!). Do you love dogs and/or cats? Would you like to help a dog or cat in need? If the answers to those questions are yes, then, apply right away and become a foster for us.

Fostering is a very rewarding experience and helps a rescue effort greatly. Our foster program is very simple. We follow basically the same process as adoption but instead of signing an adoption contract; a foster contract is signed.

We are a no-kill adoption agency (rather than a shelter) so our dogs/cats are boarded at various locations around Baldwin County, such as vets and kennels. We average re-homing 300 dogs and cats each year and paid boarding is a major expense for our organization. By fostering you are saving us money that can be designated for medical care for even more rescues.

We provide the medical care; your responsibilities of fostering are to provide a safe, secure, stable environment with lots of love. Some of our animals may need special care while others just need you. Every effort is made to match our rescued animals with the right home. Our fosters enable us to do this better by providing us with invaluable information on the habits, personalities and needs of each dog/cat fostered.

Please complete the application below if you are ready for the commitment of fostering a dog/cat.

Once we receive your application we will call your vet to ensure all your pets are current on vaccinations and preventatives; call you for a phone interview; and finally, set up a home visit so that we can get a good idea of the type of dogs/cats who would be best for you to foster. This also helps you get to know us better and we can answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you for your interest. Fostering a rescue dog/cat is a rewarding experience that your family will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Deneen Balistere, BARC Dog Adoption Coordinator, and/or Abby Pruet, BARC Cat Adoption Coordinator, will get the foster application the instant you click “Send”.

Foster Care Application



I am at least 19 years old

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Why are you interested in fostering?

Agreeable to home visit?

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You are providing the foster care out of your love for animals, and as a volunteer, at no charge to BARC!

 Yes No

Size preference of cat/dog to foster

Have you recently submitted an application to adopt from us?

 Yes No

If yes, when?

Have you recently submitted an application to foster with another rescue?

 Yes No

If yes, which one?

Have you ever owned a rescued animal?

 Yes No

If yes, from what rescue and where?

How many animals do you own?

Pet #1 Info: Name, type, age, sex, personality and behavior around other animals

Pet #2 Info: Name, type, age, sex, personality and behavior around other animals

Pet #3 Info: Name, type, age, sex, personality and behavior around other animals

Pet #4 Info: Name, type, age, sex, personality and behavior around other animals

Is anyone in your household allergic to cats/dogs?

 Yes No

Are all your pets up-to-date on vaccinations? If not, please explain why not:

List heartworm and flea preventative treatments current pets receive:

Describe your experience with training:

How have you handled the situation when animals don't get along?

If your other animals at home don't get along with your foster animal, do you have a way to separate them when you're not at home?

 Yes No

Do you live in a

 House Apartment Mobile Home

Do you rent or own?

 Rent Own

If you rent, is your landlord agreeable to you fostering a large dog? (You will need to provide a letter stating you have permission to keep a dog over 50 pounds.)

 Yes No

Landlord's Name

Landlord's Address, City, ST & Zip

Landlord's Phone Number

What is the size of your yard?

Is your yard completely fenced?

 Yes No

What type of fencing and what is the height?

If there is no fence, how will the rescue foster dog relieve itself?

How will you provide exercise for your rescue foster dog?

How often and under what circumstances will you leave the rescue foster dog unattended outside?

How often and under what circumstances will the rescue dog be allowed off-leash?

Do you have a tie-out or runner for your dog?

 Yes No

If yes, explain how and when it will be used

Other than applicants, how many adults are in the household?

Please list the ages of other household members

How will they be involved with the care of the rescue foster animal?

How many children are there in the house?

What are the ages of the children?

If children do visit, how often do they do so?

Are your children used to being around cats/dogs?

 Yes No

Do all members of your household want to foster a rescue cat/dog?

 Yes No

If not, who is not in favor and why?

How many hours a day on average will the rescue foster dog be left alone, without adults at home?

Where will the rescue foster dog be kept when no one is at home?

Are you planning on moving in the near future?

 Yes No

Do you agree to contact your Vet to authorize release of information to BARC!

 Yes No

Current Vet Information: Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number

Past Vet Information: Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number

Are you willing to foster for a long term or extended time frame if required?

 Yes No

Are you willing to bring the foster cat/dog to our adoption events at PetSmart Eastern Shore Center and other locations around Baldwin County?

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BARC! issues medical vouchers for care for foster cats/dogs. Are you willing to take the foster dog to 1 of our 29 participating Vets for authorized medical care?

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Please tell us anything else you would like for us to know about you, your home, your family or your application

I acknowledge the inherent risks in rescuing and handling dogs and cats, and I assume that risk, much as a fan at a baseball game assumes the risk of being hit by a baseball.

 Yes No

I give my consent to the Baldwin County Humane Society (BARC!) to contact with the listed references. Any information obtained by BARC! will remain confidential.

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Thank you for your interest in our foster program. Every application receives priority processing. You will be getting a phone call from:

Baldwin County Humane Society (BARC!)
No-Kill Adoption Agency (rather than a shelter) Established 1979
Phone 251-928-4585